Digital Marketing Opens Up a Whole New World January 30, 2018

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, is an important advertising strategy to use when a business wants to communicate a particular message. As consumers continue their move to shop online, it’s essential that a business invest in digital marketing, as opposed to traditional marketing. 

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is considered an umbrella term used to describe a number of digital techniques that sell products or services. The beauty of digital marketing is there are so many innovative ways to advertise online that businesses can get really inventive with the way they reach out to customers. 

A few techniques used in digital marketing include: SEO, social media marketing, analytics, content creation, email automation, display advertising, e-books, affiliate marketing, white papers, and infographics.  

Traditional marketing, such as television, newspapers, radio, flyers, billboards and ads in magazines, is limiting. Digital marketing opens your busines up to the whole world. 

Why do you need digital marketing?

  • You will attract more customers with more online exposure.
  • You can interact authentically and more easily with your audience, which results in higher engagement.
  • You’re able to control your own message and encourage brand development.
  • Marketing results are more accurate and timely and simple to measure. You have access to real-time results which clue you in to your number of visitors, most active time of day, best posts, etc. You can analyze these results much easier than in traditional advertising. 
  • With written content, or even a simple email newsletter, you can provide customers with extra value. 
  • Digital marketing creates a level playing field for all businesses. Any business has access to free social media. 
  • Digital marketing is cost efficient. Using social media, a business can spread its brand’s message for practically free.  

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Amanda Blackwood


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