Sign Request Process


Step 1: Go to Google Docs on your Desktop. It may also be on the toolbar on the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Go to the Search Box and search for the title of the form.

Step 3: Make sure you are viewing documents “Owned by anyone” and not “Owned by me”, and open the document to be signed.


Step 4: Save a copy of the file to your Google Drive in the folder for the employee. If you don’t have a directory made yet, you can make one during this step explained below.

Make sure to click the  button at the right end of the My Drive menu item.

Step 5: Fill out the form.

Step 6: Go to Add-ons, Sign Request for Google Docs, and Create Sign Request.

Step 6.1: Enter your email in for “your email” and “contacts”.

Step 7: Click where you (not the employee) want to sign and select sign button.

Step 8: Select “Draw” and sign in the box and click “Save and Insert”.


Once you have clicked Save and Insert, you can click and drag the signature if it does not line up.

Step 9: Once you have signed (not the employee), click Finalize.

Step 10: Click Sign when prompted. When you click Sign, it will send two emails with the document. Go to your email and open the email with the subject “(your email address) has sent you a SignRequest”

Note: The button may read “Verify Email”. If it does, click that button. Once it verifies your email, you will receive another email. Open this one and click the button.

Step 10.1: Go to where the signature should go and click, then select the pen icon

Step 3: Sign the box and click Save and Insert

Step 10.2: Click Finalize and confirm.


Step 11: After the employee signs and finalizes, go to your email, and open the email that Sign Request sent. Attached to the email will be the signed document and a signing log.


Step 12: Move your mouse over the signed document, and click on the  button.

Step 13: Click the  button that you clicked in previous step that is now colored. Then click “Move this item”.

Step 13: Select My Drive, then select the employee’s folder, and click “Move here”


That concludes the tutorial. Your documents are now saved on your Google Drive.